Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I got Better

How I got Better

1) Thyroid Issues
2) Parasites

How I got Better

I suffered from cold hands, low body temperature, sudden uncontrollable shakes, blackouts induced by hard exercise, stunted growth yet had a tremendous appetite (three meals in one sitting was not usual).
I tried various doctors, neurologists and other specialists.

I had CAT scans, x-rays etc.

The doctors provided no cure.
So I began to read.

I read many books, however two types of books in particular helped tremendously.
Two main issues seemed to explain my symptoms.

1) Thyroid Issues

2) Parasites

Then I found that both mentioned "Iodine" in treatment.

I tried Kelp supplements and my body temperature increased from as low as 95 to as high as 98, my cold hands went away, and my shakes went away.

So for about $15, I was in better shape
I also had Parasite and Kidney Cleanses.
I'm not in perfect health, but I'm much better.

I hope by searching for yourself you can be better also.
Here are some other tools.

Normal Ranges of Body Measurements
Tools to Monitor and Improve Health

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